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Transportation Improvement Program

Decisions about transportation investments in metropolitan areas require collaboration and cooperation between different levels of government and between individual jurisdictions. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents how the Kansas City region prioritizes limited transportation resources available among the various needs of the region. It includes a staged, five-year list of surface transportation projects proposed for federal, state and local funding within the metropolitan area. Inclusion in the TIP represents a major milestone in the project development process that enables a project to receive and expend federal funds.

Transportation plan looks ahead to 2050

MARC is developing a new long-range transportation plan for the Kansas City region, called Regional Transportation Plan 2050. Required by the federal government, this plan will identify transportation improvements for the next 30 years. It will consider projected population and employment growth, along with other factors such as safety, quality of life, the environment and emerging technologies.

MARC is working work with the state departments of transportation and public transportation providers — with input from the public — to plan how the region will manage and operate a multimodal transportation system that will meet our economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals.

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