Transportation safety in the United States

Dovie Salais

Annual US traffic fatalities per billion vehicle miles traveled (red), per one million people (orange), total annual deaths (light blue), VMT in 10s of billions (dark blue) and population in millions (teal), from 1921 to 2017 Transportation safety in the United States encompasses safety of transportation in the United States, […]

Bicycle Accidents in the United States

Dovie Salais

Thanks to advocacy efforts across the country, the number of bicyclists on American roads has increased substantially over the past decade. As more riders are on the road, the likelihood of bicycle-related accidents increases. While many cities have taken steps to make roads a safer place for bicyclists, others have […]

Vehicle Tax Exemption – United States Department of State

Dovie Salais

The Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) enforces the exemption of eligible foreign missions and their members from payment of any taxes when purchasing, leasing, registering or titling a vehicle. The following procedures are associated with requesting and obtaining a tax exemption on purchases or leases of official or personal motor […]

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