definition of bicycle by Medical dictionary

Dovie Salais

(redirected from bicycle)Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Financial, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Transportation via a device with a rigid or shock-absorbing frame bearing two tandemly mounted spoked wheels covered by pneumatic tyres, which is propelled by the rider whose mechanical force is transmitted via a chain and modified by gears, […]

definition of vehicle by Medical dictionary

Dovie Salais

vehicle  [ve´ĭ-k’l] 2. any medium through which an impulse is propagated. ve·hi·cle (vē’hi-kĕl), 1. An excipient or a menstruum; a substance, usually without therapeutic action, used as a medium to give bulk for the administration of medicines. 2. An inanimate substance (for example, food, milk, dust, clothing, instrument) by which […]

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