Don Franklin Auto Group

Dovie Salais

We supply a extensive variety of automobiles and attempt to make the car buying process as quick and hassle-free as attainable. Why not store and do business with the individuals you understand and trust. Since 1982, Automotive Dynamics has been Sun City’s largest and most trusted source for complete automotive […]

Bicycle Heroes | The Franklin Institute

Dovie Salais

No inventor or country can single-handedly claim to have invented the bicycle; it was invented and reinvented in many places over a period of many years. In 1817, Germany’s Baron von Drais de Saverbrun invented the Draisienne, (also “draisine” or “hobby horse”) a steerable bicycle. It was almost completely made […]

Bicycle Technology | The Franklin Institute

Dovie Salais

The late 1800s ushered in a huge bicycle boom, and people began to experiment with bicycle shapes and styles to suit the varying needs of the rider. Will this bicycle be used for racing or for recreation? How fast will the rider want to go? How comfortable should the rider […]

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