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Regional Expertise

Complementing its functional capabilities in Global Manufacturing, Foreign Sourcing and Distribution, and International Risk Management, GEC offers deep regional expertise drawing on broad experience in key foreign markets and an extensive international network. GEC possesses special depth in three regions of the global economy:

Owing to the recovery of the "Asian Tigers" from the 1997-98 financial crisis and China's emergence as a global manufacturing colossus, Asia-Pacific has reclaimed its position as the most dynamic region of the world economy. Recent movements by APEC and ASEAN toward regional trade liberalization further boost growth prospects in the Asia-Pacific theater. GEC offers a large repertoire of regional capabilities—sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, foreign exchange management—to help American companies fulfill their revenue and profit objectives in Asia.

The eastward enlargement of the European Union is creating a regional market exceeding 450 million people, operating under a single tariff and a harmonized regulatory structure and approaching the United States as the world's largest pool of purchasing power. The integration of the first-tier accession candidates (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) into the EU is strengthening Eastern Europe's allure as a high-quality, low-cost platform for advanced manufacturing and broadening possibilities for pan-European sourcing, distribution, and manufacturing. GEC brings substantial professional experience in both "Old" and "New" Europe to position American companies to reap emerging growth opportunities in this expanding regional market.

Former Soviet Union
More than a decade after the collapse of the USSR, the republics of the Former Soviet Union remain economically troubled and politically unstable. However, their impressive endowments of human capital and material resources create significant growth potential over the long term. Furthermore, the large markets on the European periphery of the FSU (Russia, Ukraine) will offer important commercial opportunities as the EU's eastward enlargement project unfolds. Drawing on deep regional experience and in-depth knowledge of legal, regulatory, and economic conditions in the region, GEC stands ready to assist American companies seeking to navigate the risky but potentially lucrative markets of the former Soviet Union.