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Keterangan Kenderaan/Vehicle Details: Kategori Kenderaan/ Vehicle Category Persendirian/ Private Komersil/ Commercial Kerajaan-Diplomat/ Government-Diplomat Bil. Pendaftaran/ Registration No.: Please enter Vehicle Registration Number. Please enter Valid Vehicle Registration No. Buatan […]

Keterangan Kenderaan/Vehicle Details:

Kategori Kenderaan/

Vehicle Category

Bil. Pendaftaran/

Registration No.:

Buatan & Modal

Make & Model

No. Enjin/

Engine No.:

No. Rangka/

Chasis No.:

Warna Kenderaan/

Vehicle Colour:

Tarikh Mansuh Lesen Kenderaan/

Vehicle License Expiry Date:

Keterangan Pemohon/Applicant Details:

Bil. Kad Pintar/Bil. Paspot

IC.No (xx-xxxxxx)/Passport No.:


Name :




Post Code

Pemilik Berdaftar /

Registered Owner

Keterangan Pemilik/Owner Details :

Bil. Kad Pintar/Bil. Paspot

IC.No/Passport No.



Other Details


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