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Multi-Purpose Cable Management Boxes

Multi-Purpose Cable Management Boxes. This box must be used on your computer desk so it looks neat and not cluttered. Electric socket and other electrical wires will be hidden behind this cable management box.

In addition to making your computer desk neater, it also makes sockets avoid dust and cause damage.

Multi-Purpose Cable Management Boxes

This box can be used for various needs ranging from computer cable management, laptops to smartphone and tablet charger cables.

This box is made of sturdy material so it is not easily broken and damaged when placed on the floor.

Product Features:

  •         With Flip Open Cover, allows cables and cables to pass safely and neatly
  •         Functional Full Cover for easy access
  •         Stylish design
  •         Suitable for Tables and TV Cabinets
  •         Simple Installation (Location position, Borehole, Grommet holder), Arranging, and Cable Structure.
  •         Easily manage cables through holes on both sides of the box. Simple and stylish
  •         This box has a cover to prevent dust on the cables or plug holes, sometimes it can cause a shock or fire.
  •         Not only as a storage box but also as a home decoration.

The best cable management boxes are equipment used for electrical cable installation lines to be safe and look neat, and consist of a combination of cable support components, to direct the power cable and data cable in the installation in accordance with the desired spatial layout.

These cable management boxes prevent cables and extension sockets from touching the carpet or floor, preventing children from tripping or being accessed by children or pets.

By hiding various cables that are used, making your home more comfortable and neater.

Simple design that is easy to install and remove.

These cable management boxes can be used in various places, such as the living room, bedroom, or office.

This creative design can be used as home decoration, it can also be a good choice as a gift for your neighbors or friends.

Cable management boxes also consists of rubber feet which will allow it to stay in one place without slipping or slipping easily.


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