Achieving Competitive Advantage in a Dynamic Business World

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Regional Expertise

GEC’s Methodology

Each corporate client brings a different array of capabilities, requirements, and objectives to consulting engagements. For all of its engagements, the Global Economics Company uses a logically ordered, systematic methodology aimed at delivering strategic solutions tailored to the individual needs of its clients:

  • Understanding the client’s needs and objectives
  • Assessing the client’s capabilities and competitive position
  • Specifying the client’s strategic problems
  • Locating opportunities for profitable growth in the client’s particular industry
  • Recognizing trends and discontinuities in the global market for the client’s products
  • Identifying sources of competitive advantage residing within the client
  • Evaluating the strategic options available to the client
  • Determining how best to leverage the client’s corporate capabilities
  • Formulating and executing a strategy dedicated to achieving the client’s specific goals