Bike Trail Closures & Notices     ?

  • Sanitary Sewer and Water and Stream Stability project in Wilderness Park along Old Cheney Road. This project is requiring the re routing of Wilderness Park Trails on both the east and west side of Salt Creek. Trail users are being re-routed along signed routes and the Jamaica North Trail. The Jamaica North Trail will also need to be closed for a short time when the project work is in its immediate area. This project will continue into winter 2020.
  • Replacement of timber bridge in Wilderness Park south of Yankee Hill Road. This project involves the removal and replacement of a timber and cable bridge over a tributary to Salt Creek just south of the Yankee Hill Road alignment. The horse and bike trail in the area will be closed during work as there is no alternative crossing of that tributary. This project will be completed this summer.
  • Reconstruction of low water crossing near 14th Street trailhead. The regrading of crossing approaches and replacement of rock in the stream bed west of the 14th Street Trailhead parking lot will require trail users to take the route south of the parking lot and along Rokeby Road to reach the west side of the park. This project will be complete by the end of April.
  • Construction of the Rock Island to Jamaica North Connector Bridge near Densmore Park and “Train Wreck Bridge”. This major project will continue through this fall. Construction activities are being coordinated to minimize closure of the Jamaica North Trail. Obey closure barricades when they are in place. The Rock Island Trail will remain open until the final stages of the project when the trail to the bridge is constructed, then Densmore Park internal trails will be signed as an alternative route.
  • Replacement of Wilderness South Bridge 1/2 mi. north of Saltillo Road. The reconstruction of the Wilderness South Bridge requires closure of the Jamaica North Trail from about Rokeby Road to the project location. Wilderness Park trails in the immediate area are closed, but the trails north and south of the project remain open. This project should be completed this summer.
  • South Beltway Construction and utility relocation. In preparation for the South Beltway construction, many utilities are being relocated, requiring occasional short closures in the area 1/2 mile south of Saltillo Road. Obey closure barricades when they are in place. The Jamaica North Trail will remain open during South Beltway Construction with a temporary construction bridge over the trail and occasional flaggers on the trail during night work. This is a multi-year project.
  • NOTE: The above six projects are shown here on a map. Our best advice is to follow the signage. There are re-route signs. If a long ride is planned, down to Beatrice or points south, it may be best to start at the Roca Road trailhead for the next month or so, just to be sure of a clear route. After the utility relocations for the South Beltway are done, the Saltillo Rd. Trailhead should be a good start point again. (April 7, 2020)
  • Portion of Helen Boosalis Trail to close for drainage improvements.
  • Portion of Old Cheney Road to close Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020.

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