Leading US Source for Electric Bikes and Scooters RideTwoWheels Notes Benefits of Personal Transportation

Mode of Transportation During COVID-19 Is Smartest Choice for Social Distancing and Convenience

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (PRWEB) November 07, 2020

According to newly published articles on the e-bikes and scooter site Ride Two Wheels, the most trusted source in alternative personal transportation, 2020 has been a revolutionary year for owners of e-bikes and scooters. This year, safe transportation in traditional, shared vehicles has been problematic and actually shunned.

People do not want to share cars, trucks, buses and trains with people not in their core bubble if they can help it. The necessity of responsibly keeping a mindful distance from others and the challenges of invisible airborne virus particles have propelled the purchase of personal electric transportation. Newer riders of electric scooters and bikes are experiencing many additional benefits in joining the growing popularity of alternative transportation.

Riders who need to get from point A to point B now have unique solutions and options. “E-bikes and scooters allow people flexibility and options for so many recreational and daily needs,” says Stefan St., PR Manager for Ride Two Wheels. “People want to be active and engaged in life’s activities yet must keep a distance. This has changed how people move around. Electric personal transportation vehicles are the new choice for commuters working only a few days per week at their place of business. Add to the fact that commuters are happy to not impact the environment in the way that their four-wheel vehicles do.”

He added, “Along with commuting, the electric bikes and scooters are perfect for getting that needed gallon of milk or other quick fill-in groceries, picking up take-out food farther away from home, going to a new state hiking trail or rock formation or just getting some fresh air to clear your head. One of the most frequent comments we hear from our customers is that they like the comfort of the seats, the strong and thick tires, stability when riding over bumps or cracks in the pavement, the smooth acceleration, the long battery life and long range options, and easy storage.”

Many people who take up riding electric bikes and scooters are pleased with the added stability, given the fact that riders have not been to a gym or exercise class in over eight months. The bikes give users the freedom of going on and off-road, and adding a new activity is truly helpful to a wellness routine when so many have spent a great deal of time indoors.

It is interesting to note that the older one becomes, the more important balance comes into the picture. Safety is paramount after a lull in personal activity. In this regard, electric scooters and e-bikes are designed to be very stable and perform well on any surface. The help of a more solid frame, an electric motor and well designed brakes gives the rider that much more control on roads with potholes and debris, the number one cause of biking accidents.

If mobility or personal size is an issue, there are a number of options. Taller or heavier riders have great two- and three-wheel options, even some Vespa-like mopeds that are long range, yet with room for a larger basket making them perfect for trips to the store.

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