Latest car safety technology for 2021

Latest car safety technology for 2021

Cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated machines. Safety technology is developing at an unprecedented pace, with even budget-friendly cars now packed with safety features unheard of just 10 years ago.

The most important safety technology to be introduced in the past few years has made driving cars many times safer to drive. However, you need to always be prepared for the worst likely situation. That’s why car breakdown services and safety-oriented gadgets are growing in popularity – and necessity. These car product reviews will help you narrow your search for the types of products you would like to equip to your vehicle for increased safety.

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Top Safety Technology in 2021:

1) Adaptive Cruise Control:

This technology uses your car’s radar and camera units to automatically and continuously adjust your car’s cruising speed to follow the flow of traffic. When engaged, adaptive cruise control enables your car to maintain a predetermined following distance from the car ahead, and it will self-adjust should a car move faster ahead of you or another car enters your traffic lane. It can also bring your car to a complete stop should the vehicle ahead come to a stop, such as in the event of a traffic jam. This technology not only reduces accidents by controlling the following distances to other cars and the cruising speed, but also reduces driver fatigue.

2) Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB):

The Automatic Emergency Braking feature uses multiple sensors, radar, and camera units to scan the road ahead. When it calculates a crash is imminent, it engages emergency braking to bring the car to a stop. It cuts the reaction times down and applies more braking force than the driver can likely apply to bring the car to a safe stop to avoid an accident.

3) Forward Collision Warning System:

One of the most innovative and exciting safety technologies recently launched has been Forward Collision Warning System. This system utilises the car’s radar, sensors and camera units to calculate and detect the possibility of a crash. Once the Forward Collision Warning System is triggered, it alerts the driver to take preventative action. It will warn the driver by flashing of lights on the dashboard and instrument panel, and some systems will vibrate the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. Different car brands use these technologies in different ways. Some of them design their system to automatically engage the emergency brakes and to activate the car’s hazard lights. In others, they pre-tension the seat belts too.

4) Driver Alert System:

A Driver Alert System monitors the driver via an interior camera and various sensors. It can detect when a driver displays the symptoms of driver fatigue, is drowsy, or is distracted. This system sounds an audible alert or flashes a series of lights to grab the driver’s attention.