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What to look for in a Winning Horse

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"What to look for in a Winning Horse"
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Imagine watching a reality show singing contest. You see quite a few singers with talent, whereas; there are a quite a few that are just ok and some that are just terrible. As you continue to watch, you notice that most are amateurs in terms of what they do and some do not possess any amount of star quality. Could this develop through time? As time proceeds, a winner is prevailed, however; that winner is up against other people who are already stars and possess that certain star quality. The winner is now at a disadvantage, but has the potential of developing into the star he/she is meant to be, through time.

Now imagine if it were a horse contest (in this case, a horse race) the winning horse is much more than a winner. I'm not saying horse racing is anything like a reality show singing contest, but there are comparisons, as both possess unique factors that can be contemplated. When we look at certain qualities that make certain star, we look at just about everything from past to present to what is expected of them in the future. When I look for a winning horse, I look at overall reputation. It is extremely important to really have an eye for a horse who has had at least two to four preps as a horse ranging from three to four years of age, heading into the race. Although, horses older than three or four years are good qualifiers, a horse that is about ten years old, may have more problems because it is matured. Horses younger than three are young and may need more time to develop. The key to finding a winning, successful horse is looking at the horse's overall record. Look for horses that have started out winning at an early age. Looking at individual reputation is good, in terms of horse racing, but anything is destined to happen. Is horse racing like NASCAR? I think so, not to mention just as serious and unpredictable.

Imagine a singer attempting to sing and perform in front of thousands, if not millions of people, without any prior training or preparation. Also, imagine a singer without a microphone. Now imagine a horse, without a trainer or a jockey. Believe it or not, the trainer, as well as, the jockey are as important as the horse. When you look for a winning horse, look for a horse that has a professional trainer, with a record of previous winners. Someone who is respected as bringing star quality on the track. Also look for a jockey that has had experience with previous horse winners, as well.

The winning horse is much more than the winner, the winning horse is the star. The ultimate star.

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