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What Makes a Great Race Horse Trainer

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"What Makes a Great Race Horse Trainer"
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To be a successful race horse Trainer requires a blend of horsemanship, people skills, and business sense. The men and women who train race horses wear many hats. They need to know what a horse needs to perform at its best. They need to interact with owners and Jockeys to best convey their program and strategy. They need to understand the business of horse racing so that everyone involved profits.

Trainers are entrusted with animals that range in price up to millions of dollars. They are essentially responsible for the animal's entire racing future when the owner chooses them to train their horse. In this aspect the Trainer must have business savvy. For everyone involved to make some money, the Trainer must choose races that the horse has a good chance of winning. This is where his horsemanship comes in.

The best Trainers excel in horsemanship. Not only will he or she be responsible for the horse's daily care but also for physical conditioning. The Trainer must teach the horse to race and win. The only limitation would be the horse itself. A trainer who possesses good horsemanship can work through any temperament to produce results.

Lastly a great Trainer needs to interact successfully with Jockeys and Owners. Every Owner believes his horse should make tons of money in Stakes races. The ability to convince an Owner to race at a level that is appropriate for the horse's ability is a reflection of the Trainer's people skills. He or she will also need to effectively communicate their strategy to the Jockey riding the horse.

With these combinations of skill and experience, great Trainers stand out. Their win percentage will reveal that their prowess at training race horses comes from their business savvy, horsemanship, and interaction with the Owners and Jockeys.

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