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What is a Superkart

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"What is a Superkart"
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Superkarts are racing's model of efficiency. They are basically souped up go-karts which are so well crafted that on average they outperform larger, more powerful models. They have their own special leagues and have carved out a definitive niche in the world of racing.

Superkarts differentiate themselves from traditional go-karts by having morepowerful engines, longer chasis and performing on longer courses.

Racing parlance refers to superkart racing as Formula E racing. They race on the same full size circuits as the big vehicles. They are traditionally 250 cc engine carts even though some Western manufacturers have developed 125 cc engine karts.

The thing that stands out to most new racing fans about superkarts is not only their attractive, novel dsign on the outside but their suprisingly effective results on the track. They often vclock in at timesfar superior to their larger and more technically endowed counterparts. It's small engine can generate more horsepower than your average Corvette, for example, almost as much as a Porsche. To many people this is an amazing feat but the explanation is simple-aerodynamics.

The first thing to realize is that the body design is the crucial to such an effect. Superkarts often use six inch diameter tires, larger than usual sidepods, a front fairing and a rear wing. The second thing to realize is that superkarts corner like a dream. Thier ability to corner on a dime is quite amazing and helps cut down on wind resistance.

Superkart is a sport that is enjoyed around the world, even though the specific term "superkart" is copywritten by the United Kingdom. ZGreat Britain is still the premiere leader in the sport and they have three divisions their go-karts compete in. The first is the 125 Open, where karts must be powered by 125 cc engines and again featuring 6-speed sequential gearboxes. They are also required to use a lighter chasis than the 250s.

One level up from that is Division Two. This division is for karts with a single chasis only. Thee karts can reach speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

Division One is the top division in Superkart racing. It requires karts to have 250 cc engines and one or two cylinders.

While nowhere near as popular as NASCAR, this sport is growing in popularity. It is like the little engine that could, chugging its way to the top through will alone. This sport will be reconized and the world will learn to truly appreciate the power of this little karts, which, if not the msot powerful, are possibly the most efficient tools for racing ever invented.

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