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Tim Tebow; A Flop His Rookie Season?

Tim Tebow, AKA “Baby Jesus,” was the heart and soul of the “Gator Nation” soon after  he first took the field to play football for the University of Florida in 2006, as a mere freshman. The big question on everyone’s mind; what can we expect from Tim Teebow his rookie season in the NFL?

Prior to the NFL draft the scouting reports on Teebow were mixed. There was no clear-cut guess as to what position he might go in the draft. There was also a ton of speculation as to whether his style of quarterback play would fit into the NFL. Beginning September 12, 2010 the jury (NFL fans and coaches) will begin deliberations.

If you ask those in the know what his chances of succeeding in the NFL are, the answers you get are as diverse as bottles of wine in a wine shop. The various opinions given are only rivaled by people’s political viewpoints. He’s the most polarized player to come out of the college ranks in over a decade, and perhaps, the most of all time. What ever side of the fence you’re on, one thing rings true about Tim, he is different. He is - physically - the strongest quarterback to ever come out of college, and he has the heart of a champion.

Timothy Richard “Tim” Teebow was born in Mikati City, Phillipines on August 14, 1987. He is the son of Pam and Robert Teebow, who were working as Christian missionaries at the time of his birth. He has been a fighter his entire life. His first victory was the fight to be born. This reveals why he is so adamant in his belief of pro-life.

During Pam Teebow’s pregnancy she contracted amoebic dysentery and went into a coma. As a result of the drugs administered to wake her from the coma Doctors expected her to have a stillbirth. In order to protect her life they recommended and abortion. Because of her and her spouses deep rooted Christian beliefs they would not consider such a course of action. Tim was born without complications and the rest is history.

Tim was home schooled along with his brothers and sisters. At an early age it was evident he was a gifted athlete and loved to play football. In 1996 Florida passed legislation that allowed home schooled children to participate on the sports team of their local high-school in the district they lived in. The local high-school, in the district where the Teebows lived, favored a running attack. Tim played linebacker there for one year. His penchant was to play quarterback, so he and his mother moved to nearby St. John’s county. The rest of the family remained behind at their home in Duvall county. This allowed Tim to play for Nease high-school where coach Craig Howard favored a passing game.

Tim played quarterback for Nease and was Florida’s player of the year his junior season. In his senior year they won the state title. He was one of the top recruited quarterbacks coming out of high-school in the nation. He played in the US Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas, which is televised nationally each year on NBC. It is a showcase for the top 78 high-school players in the nation. In addition to that and the many other accolades bestowed upon Tim, in 2007 he was named to FHSAA’s All-Century team which is comprised of the top 33 high-school players in Florida’s 100 year history.

His college gridiron achievements are no less daunting and far to numerous to list. The following are some of his highlights: He compiled a 26-2 record as a starter, won two Maxwell awards (the only player to ever do so), the Heisman trophy and in 2006 and 2008 he helped the Gators to win two national titles. He also broke the schools rushing record held previously by running back Emmitt Smith.

At 6 foot 3 inches, 230 pounds and 4.6s speed in the 40 - he has the physical prowess for the NFL. That is not all he brings to the table. His work ethic is beyond reproach and he is a natural leader. On a team filled with many current NFL roster players he was the one they turned to for guidance and they rallied behind when the chips were down. His character and will to win are intangibles you just don’t teach.

In college Tim played against the likes of Jamarcus Russell, Sam Bradford and Matthew Strafford, all of whom were number one - overall - draft picks for the NFL. His record was 1-4 against them. Some of those players are more gifted, talent wise, than Tim is, but when it comes to the will to win, Tim comes out on top..

Tim Teebow was drafted 25th overall by the Denver Broncos in the 2010 draft. His contract has the potential, with incentives, to earn him 33 million dollars over the next 5 years. He could have made much more than that with some lucrative contracts from sponsors had he resigned from doing his infamous, Superbowl commercial. However, he would not sell out for the almighty dollar. He expressed his viewpoint during Superbowl XLIV and let the cards fall where they may; rare in this day and age. Bravo Tim!

There are many things that you can teach a rookie coming into the NFL. There are a few things that you can not teach them. You can’t teach speed, brains, character, work ethic or the will to win. Tim has these attributes and should be able to learn the rest of what he needs to know to have a successful NFL career.

If past achievements are any indication of what the future holds, it would be a fair assessment to say that, Timothy “Tim: Teebow will be a winner at whatever he does. We can expect Tim to be competent as a rookie, but most likely he will not set the NFL on fire his rookie season. The speed of the game and its complexity are a difficult transition for even the most gifted of athletes, especially at the quarterback position. He also has the tools to play linebacker and fullback. It’s a safe bet, that whatever position Tim settles into his rookie year, he will be successful at it and have a good, maybe even outstanding, rookie season. There is one thing that history has taught us; the heart of a champion will not be denied!

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