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The Survival of Formula one in the Face of the Pressures of Global Warming – Yes

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"The Survival of Formula one in the Face of the Pressures of Global Warming - Yes"
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Can F1 survive in the face of global warming? Am I seeing this right? Is this REALLY being debated? I mean, come on. Thats like saying "Should we slaughter all the cows and become vegetarians as the quantity of methane expended into the atmosphere is a contributer to global warming!" A ridiculous statement? Indeed it is.......unless you're a vegetarian or vegan in which case you're probably agreeing whole heartedly with me!

My point being, the big picture needs to be looked at here. It is usually the mis-informed tabloid press that makes statements like these because they create funky headlines to adorn their rags with, alongside whatshisface is sleeping with whatshername *SHOCK HORROR* or other such banal rubbish. If you really want to do something about the rise of greenhouse gasses then look to the real culprits. Industry. Airlines. YOUR Car. YOU leaving your TV on standby all night using up precious power and resources. Take a long hard look at yourself and others around you before settling your gaze on what is a pretty small polluter in the scope of things. Formula one provides endless entertainment around the world for millions of people. What would the world be without entertainment and joy? Pretty pointless if you ask me. I can almost hear the anti F1 brigade screaming at that statement......"But your sport and entertainment is destroying the world!" Well, no, I'm sorry. My sport isn't destroying the world. Granted there is an emission of greenhouse gasses by the cars but it is so miniscule on the world stage as to be unnoticed.

The engine manufacturers and teams are themselves working towards a greener future. The Le Mans 24 hour race has been won by a diesel powered car for the last 3 years. The IRL in the USA is solely powered by Ethanol. F1 from next year will be using energy recovery systems in their cars. The engine manufacturers are always striving for better fuel efficiency. Not for any altruistic reasons but because if you can win the race using less fuel it means you are carrying less weight allowing you to go faster. Thats maybe not the reason you're looking for but the effect is the same. All the developments in engine management systems......the little box of electronics in all modern cars that control fuel injection etc etc.......have all stemmed from manufacturers activities in motorsport. Competition breeds excellence and nowhere more so than on the track.

In my view, Formula One and motorsport in general will go from strength to strength. It may not be in the form as we know it. Bio fuels will replace petrol. Electricity or some other form of propulsion may even replace the Bio fuels but in some form or another Formula One will be there at the forefront of engineering excellence and sporting endeavour.

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