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The History of the Kentucky Derby

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"The History of the Kentucky Derby"
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Road to the Roses

The first Saturday in May the first of the triple crown races, The Kentucky Derby, will be held. According to forecasters the weather should be sunny and for the first time since 2001 visitors will be allowed to wear sunscreen. (Sunscreen was banned after 9/11) I would guess they lifted the ban so the Queen of England, attending with Prince Philip, won't get sunburned.

In years past there has been a favorite or a buzz about a horse that gave the press something to write about.
Smarty Jones had his own Q&A; column in the Philadelphia Daily News and his handsome face was all over the Metro (that's how I fell for him). Over the next few years we had Afleet Alex and his association with Alex's Lemonade Stand to talk about. Last year we had Barbaro, bless his soul. And a nod to Churchill Downs for having a Barbaro tribute this Saturday even if it may be a ploy to get his ashes from the Jacksons.

Now we come to this year. Who's the top horse? Who's the buzz about? Well this years field is like seeing the Rockettes. They're all talented and pretty but could you single one out for recognition?

I have my personal favorites so I'll go out on a limb and name them and hope they win something so that my pre-derby betting hasn't all been in vain.

Taking into consideration the 5 mile workouts the top horses are:
Any Given Saturday and Bold Start. I also like Street Sense, Cowtown Cat, Circular Quay and Storm in May who is blind in his right eye and wouldn't that make a great story if he wins.

Other horses to consider are: Great Hunter, Teuflesberg,Dominican and Nobizlikeshowbiz.

Some folks are betting on Curlin, Sam P, Zanjero and Scat Daddy.

Post position may play a role in who does well and those are being drawn today.

Here are the names of all the horses in the Derby.

1 Storm in May
2 Teuflesberg
3 Hard Spun
4 Liquidity
5 Bwana Bull
6 Street Sense
7 Cowtown Cat
8 Scat Daddy
9 Imawildandcrazyguy
10 Zanjero
11 Tiago
12 Circular Quay
13 Sam P.
14 Nobiz Like Shobiz
15 Stormello
16 Sedgefield
17 Any Given Saturday
18 Curlin
19 Great Hunter
20 Dominican

In the end the horse who wins will be the horse who feels like running in a thundering pack and a jockey who can thread him through the crowded field. It could be any of the horses and hopefully the horse will have good odds and pay well like Giacomo.

Pick a favorite number, cute name, handsome horse, favorite jockey, it doesn't matter if you know what you're doing. The experts don't either. Find a horse to root for and have fun. That's what the Derby is all about.

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