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The best Wide Receiver in the NFL

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"The best Wide Receiver in the NFL"
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Allow me a few minutes to throw some truth at ya.

To judge who is the best wide receiver in the NFL comes down to one simple little question. It has nothing to do with consistency or off-the-field antics. It also has nothing to do with being a so-called "team player" or staying healthy.

What is that simple little question, you ask.

That simple little question is this: Who do you want the ball thrown to with the game on the line?

The answer to this question would be someone that can catch the ball no matter where it's thrown. He would have to be fast, tall, and able to jump beyond any defender.

This leaves only one answer: Randy Moss. Period.

He doesn't have a lot of fans that live outside of the New England states these days, and I'm no fan of his myself. But if I could choose one receiver to have the ball thrown to with the game on the line - it's him.

Most people thought that age had caught up to him and he had dropped off a little in the past two seasons. He has already shown in this season that that is simply not the case. With the Oakland Raiders, he could have been a diamond in a field of turds. But what would that have accomplished? Would they have won more games? Maybe, but not enough. They still would have never even sniffed the playoffs. And let's not forget the pitiful play at quarterback they had last season. Even if he would have been playing hard they didn't have a quarterback capable of getting the ball to him.

Would you even consider taking anybody else? Moss has the speed to outrun virtually every defensive back in the league. He has the height and jumping ability to make him practically unstoppable in the Red Zone.

Chew on this: How has Moss had such success in his career? Ever since his rookie year everyone knew he was gonna go deep all the time. Yet nobody has been able to stop him. He has had such success simply because he's better than the guys trying to stop him.

Compelling arguments for other receivers being the best could certainly be made. You could argue for Terrel Owens, Chad Johnson, Tory Holt, Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith or even Anquan Boldin. But let's face it, if one pass for a touchdown had to be caught, you would want Randy Moss on the receiving end of it.

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