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The best Places to go Horseback Riding in Florida

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"The best Places to go Horseback Riding in Florida"
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There are dozens of stables and ranches that offer guests a day of horseback riding. Some offer guided tours while others allow you to go on the trails alone. Almost all horseback riding facilities offer the necessary riding equipment including helmets free of charge. Many will allow you to bring your own and others discourage you from bring anything other than your own helmet.

Many of the stables or ranches offer riding lessons for the beginners and have stricter requirements for younger children regardless of their riding ability. You have to sign a waiver in most cases releasing the facility of any injuries you may sustain while riding.
In the Tampa area you have a few dozen horseback riding facilities to choose from.


At Sun City you can horseback ride by the hour or by the day. For an unguided hour of horseback riding it's $20.00 and an additional $30.00 you can ride all day. They also offer English or Western riding lessons. While you're there you can stop by the petting zoo and children can even have their birthday party at Sun City. For more information please visit their website.


In the Cocoa beach area horseback riding can be done on trails or along the beach.
This ranch offers guided and unguided tours both on nature trails and along the beach. The hourly rate is $20.00 an hour for the nature trails and $30.00 an hour for the beach the additional $10.00 is the transportation fee.

They also offer riding lessons, parties, summer camp and weddings. They have a few log cabins that guests can also rent for a night or a few weeks. For more information please visit their website.


Located in the Kissimmee area of Florida which very popular tourist destination. This ranch prides its self not only for their hundreds of acres of nature trails but their peaceful relaxing environment. They off three types of trails the Nature Trail ride a one hour guided adventure the price for adults is $39.00 and children under 40 pounds cost $16.95. The second trail is a guided intermediate trail riding experience is needed to take part in this horseback riding trail the cost is $47.00 an hour per person. The third type of trail is a private, guided 1 and a hour long riding experience, it is only for advanced riders and cost $69.00 a person.

Riding lessons are available as well and you will need to call for the rate as well as a gift shop and cafe. If you prefer not to participate in the horseback riding you can find a quiet place to relax and enjoy the scenery. For more information please visit their website.

There are several more horseback riding stables located in the state of Florida for a more in-depth list please visit the following website.

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