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Steven Caldwell is a Scottish professional footballer that currently plays for Burnley in the English Premier League. Caldwell has been with Burnley since 2007, and has previously played for five other football teams (three of which on loan). Caldwell's professional career actually began with Newcastle United back in 1998, and the Stirling born footballer plays his trade in the position of defence.

Playing for Newcastle, Steven Caldwell was able to make 28 league appearances for the club, even scoring a goal in the process. Caldwell spent a lot of time out on loan however, and was never properly able to establish himself in the first team whilst playing for the club. Caldwell enjoyed successful loan spells with Blackpool, Bradford City, and Leeds United, in 2004 the time came for him to move on however, and he ultimately moved on to join Newcastle United's major rivals Sunderland AFC.

Steven Caldwell enjoyed a successful stay with Sunderland, and over the course of two and a half seasons with the club he went on to make seventy six league appearances, scoring four goals in the process. Caldwell moved away from Sunderland in the January 2007 transfer window however, signing for Burnley for a fee of 400,000 pounds.

Since joining Burnley Steven Caldwell has continued to impress as a player, and is quickly closing in on 100 league appearances for the club. He's done his team proud at Burnley, even helping the club win promotion to the Premier League in the 2008/09 season. McDonald has developed strongly as a player throughout the years, and will no doubt do a fantastic job for Burnley in the team's first season back in the top flight of English football.

Steven Caldwell is capped nine times at full international level, and is without doubt a very high quality football defender. His defensive talent is there for all to see, and Caldwell is obviously from a strong footballing family as his brother Gary is also a footballer, currently playing for Celtic in the Scottish Premier League, also as a defender.

Still only 27 years old; Steven Caldwell definitely has a fantastic future ahead of him in football, and should do Burnley proud for life in the Premier League. Caldwell really is an excellent defender, and having already enjoyed many successful seasons in the sport, he no doubt has many more games left to play in the supreme sport that is professional football.


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