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Should Nascar Superspeedways be Banned – No

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"Should Nascar Superspeedways be Banned - No"
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I do not even understand why anyone would ban a race. These races are a part of history. The towns that races travel to bring in great revenue. The fans come and support one of the best sproting events ever invented, and the drivers are doing what they do best. Banning these events would lead to a downturn in the local economies, something that cannot be afforded these days.
In the brief time there is no racing all of the fans are always just waiting to hear the engines rev, hear the crowds roar, and the first two events that come to mind are Daytona and "Dega". The tracks are larger than any other, the races are grueling and fans eat it up. We wait to hear the announcer start the engines, we crane our neck to see the flag wave starting the race.
As the race progresses, some are waiting for the big one, the crash that will eventually take more than a few cars out of contention. No one wants injuries but this crash factor, as I call it is tenuous at best. It will happen just as it always does, no one wants their driver caught in this happening. The goal is to win, not to wreck.
After way too much good food, or not so good food, the race is drawing to a close, after every caution the drivers are getting to a point that they have to get even more from their machines. As the tension builds, the fans reach their peak as well, jumping from their seats, rooting for their driver to get going, get the win. The excitement is palpable. Every single person at these tracks is a friend, no matter who their favorite driver happens to be. All are gathered in a togetherness that is hard to explain. We love racing, it is a part of our lives. We live to see all the races, but these two tracks are the mother lode.
There are other tracks, sure. Bristol, Martinsville for short track enthusiasts. There are cookie cutter tracks for those that like the miles or more, then there are the two, the most regal of tracks anywhere, Daytona and Talladega, where history and fun come together and become one fantastic event for all to see.
I cannot comprehend how anyone could ever contemplate closing these wonders. Race fans come from everywhere to these places to feel a part of what racing is to all fans.Banning these tracks makes no sense. It would mean a great loss of revenue to those locations, losses in jobs, and loss of what race fans everywhere have enjpyed most of their lives, and more than likely will pass to a family tradition as time goes on.
No these tracks cannot be banned. No one could be so heartless to strip something so beloved from the landscape that is America.

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