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Should Arsene Wenger be Sacked

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"Should Arsene Wenger be Sacked"
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The question about Arsene Wenger still remaining at the helm of Arsenal football club will still and always be down to “What we have now and what we want”. I refuse to see it in any other manner. The fact that Arsene Wenger has been with this club for this long shows something which is commitment.

This might not mean much to some people but believe me in this current football age where commitment is under-prioritized you need as many committed people as possible. This is the same man that has been a pillar in Arsenal history with the unbeaten season, back to back trophies, etc. for some Arsenal fans or footballers as a whole the fact that Arsenal has played five trophy-less seasons is damning. Let’s review some of the high and low points that makes us ask the question “Should Arsene Wenger remain as the manager of Arsenal”.

Selling of Experienced Players:  We could blame Wenger for all we want for selling the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Gilberto Silva, etc. and not buying enough people to replace them. This is a valid argument, but if we want to critically examine it we would see that these players have served us and at a point have their loyalties turned, so at that point it is pertinent to sell them off for a good amount. Also if we would look at it these players attended a certain age that is not what Arsene Wenger wants to work with, with the exception of Mathieu Flamini who was quite young when he was bagged and shipped to AC Milan. Arsene Wenger sells these players so that there will be chance for budding players to step up, a clear example is Gael Clichy who would still be sting in for Ashley Cole were he not to be have sold or Alex Song would have still been going on loan spells because we would have Flamini and Gilberto available. To me I think that what Wenger is doing is actually the best way to build a team.

Lack of English-born players: To the English I feel your pain let us look at this critically. This a typical way which Football Associations blame clubs when they perform badly on the international stage. The real problem is not who the clubs choose to play, the problem is “who is available for me and at what price”. English players will always be costly that is a fact, so you cannot compare the price you would pay for an African player like Alex Song and what you would pay for a British player like Aaron Ramsey, this goes to show that there are definitely some major discrepancies in the prices of players with respect to where the come from.

Transfer Market Policy:  This is an issue that some anti-Wenger activist really talks about. Arsene Wenger as a person refused to join the ranks of Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United, etc. in paying outrageous fees to players. I am not saying that these players do not deserve these am just saying that its an open market, you can buy at whatever price you can bargain and I do not think that Wenger is wrong when he spend under $15million for a player when other clubs are paying higher. Let’s take a scenario here, when Andriv Arshavin joined Arsenal for $15million there were other clubs that wanted to pay higher like Barcelona and Tottenham. The question is this “if Arshavin joined any of the other clubs would he be playing differently”? The truth is this Arsene Wenger pays what he feels is your true market value and I don’t think a person should be judged wrongly because of that.

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