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Born February 22nd 1969, Shaka Hislop is a former professional football goalkeeper who started out his professional playing career in 1992 at Reading Football Club. Prior to playing for Reading, Shaka Hislop was part of the Howard University soccer team between 1988 and 1991, where as a fresher he helped the team to the NCAA Final.

Throughout the course of his professional playing career, Shaka Hislop played for five different teams between the years of 1992 and 2007. Hislop also made it into the Trinidad and Tobago national football team for which he made 26 appearances between 1999 and 2006.

Although Hislop played in England for much of his career; the last team he played for was FC Dallas before retiring in August 2007. Shaka Hislop's playing career began in America, and it also ended there; for 14 years he played in England however, and at West Ham was where he made his most first team appearances.

Reading, Newcastle United, West Ham, Portsmouth, and FC Dallas were the five different teams Shaka Hislop played for, and whilst he did only play for five teams total; Shaka Hislop actually had two spells at West Ham, playing for the club first between 1998 and 2002, and then rejoining in 2005 before leaving again in 2006. Hislop made 121 league appearances for West Ham in total, 104 for Reading, 93 for Portsmouth, 53 for Newcastle United, and only 10 at his last team FC Dallas.

Shaka Hislop faced many battles throughout his playing career in order to try and hold the position of first choice goalkeeper. At Newcastle United where he spent three years was perhaps where Hislop had his stiffest competition in the form of Pavel Srnicek. Srnicek's presence at Newcastle limited Shaka Hislop to only 53 league appearances in three years, and whilst Hislop did from time to time spend spells in the first team; he was often overlooked in favour of Pavel Srnicek, and later Shay Given.

Hislop battled hard throughout his playing career and whilst in England was always regarded by many to be an excellent goalkeeper. When Shaka Hislop left England for America however he was not so successful, and at FC Dallas the first choice goalkeeper was always Dario Sala when available. After a troubled year in Dallas, Shaka Hislop retired from football and has since worked as a presenter for ESPN's PressPass, and writes a weekly blog for the website of UK newspaper The Guardian at which he writes about Major League Soccer.

Shaka Hislop's career in football may now be over, but it seems that he now faces a bright future ahead of him in the media.

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