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Rotisserie and Head to Head Scoring

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Every sports enthusiast's dream would be to be the coach of their favorite sports team. However, this is only a dream and will most likely never come true. That is why fantasy sports give middle aged men joy beyond their wildest dreams. They get to follow their dream, in a way, and coach that team. They are living a "fantasy".

Being a coach requires a certain style. That is where the two types of fantasy sports come in. There are two types that are drastically different. One requires instant success while the other requires consistency. For specifics, baseball will be the focus. There is a league that is weekly head to head scoring and then there is rotisserie scoring. They differ greatly and the average fantasy "coach" does not understand how they work.

In fantasy baseball, rotisserie scoring is preferred by most people. It requires someone to be like an actual manager. They must deal with injuries, slumps, and other poor performance. That is because in rotisserie scoring there is not a weekly winner. It takes all year for a winner to be chosen in the league. In this style of fantasy sports, there are ten categories. In baseball they consist of things such as ERA, RBIs, and strikeouts. In a usual league there is ten players. Each player gets points depending how they are doing in each category. If their combined team has the most RBIs they will get a ten for the RBI category. If they have the least they will get one point. It is a fun system because you can go from the bottom of your league to the top if your players have a good day.

Head to head scoring is for the player who wants to play week by week, not for a consistent year. It uses the same scoring categories as rotisserie, but points do not rollover week to week. Two teams are matched up and are given a win if their team gets more in a category than the other team. They receive a loss if they have less. Therefore, a team can have a record of 10-0 after one week or 0-10. Don't worry, a record of a solid 5-5 is also possible.

Whatever league someone chooses is usually based on their style. If they want to change their roster weekly and constantly change their lineup then they should play in a head to head league. The only downfall is that the team should be updated every day and if someone can not check it every day they will not fare so well. If a person is interested in going through the season with a core group of players they should choose a rotisserie league. It does not require every day revisions, although it would be beneficial. The difference of the leagues should be kept in mind when choosing the type of fantasy league to play in.

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