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Relief Pitcher goes after fastest pitcher record

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"Relief Pitcher goes after fastest pitcher record"
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Aroldis Chapman is now playing for the 2010 Cincinnati Reds team.  He is one of the Reds relief pitchers.  He has already pitched in several of the games for the Reds. 

Chapman is becoming well known for being able to throw an extremely fast - fast ball. While he was playing in the minor league, he had been clocked at throwing a pitch as fast as 105 mph.  While playing for the Cincinnati Reds team this year, his fastest pitch has been clocked at 103.9 mph. 

You should have seen the first time Aroldis came in to the Reds game.  Thousands of Cincinnati Reds fans had come to the Great American Ball Park that day - hoping to see Aroldis pitch.  They got their wish.  Aroldis came in and pitched an inning.  He struck two of the batters out.  Finally, a batter came up to bat and was able to get his bat on the fast ball.  The ball was hit to the infield, and the third out was easily made.  This was the way it went for the first two games that Chapman pitched.  He struck out batters.  If someone got a hit off of Chapman, the ball just went to the infielders, and the outs were made.  

The fans went wild when the announcer announced that Chapman would be coming in to the game to pitch.  Fans came to their feet.  They applauded and shouted their praise.  Fans were snapping pictures of Aroldis Chapman - with their cameras and camera phones.  Video cameras were being used by the fans to video tape Chapman's pitches.  The scoreboard at the stadium showed up in bright numbers - the speed of each of Chapman's pitches.  The fans would watch, and shout with excitement.  Aroldis Chapman received a standing ovation from the fans. 

Even as fast as Aroldis Chapman can pitch the baseball, he still throws strikes.  His pitches are not wild at all.  While playing, he is under good control of himself, his pitching, and his game. 

Aroldis Chapman is a wonderful addition to the 2010 Cincinnati Reds team.  He is just in time to make it to playing in the Championship games - with the Cincinnati Reds.  Chapman is a valuable addition to the Cincinnati Reds team, and to the Reds pitching staff.  He will be a great help, especially when going into the Championship games, and hopefully, on in to the World Series. 

Aroldis Chapman was born and raised in Cuba.  He left Cuba, and continued playing baseball.  He wanted to play in the major leagues in the United States.  After leaving Cuba, he became able to be signed on to play major league baseball in the U.S.  First, he was signed on to play for the Cincinnati Reds minor league team.  The Reds liked what they saw, and offered him a pitching position on their major league team.  On September 1, Aroldis came up and played his first major league baseball game on the Cincinnati Reds team. 


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