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Raul Gonzalez Linked to Liverpool

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"Raul Gonzalez Linked to Liverpool"
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I look at Raul Gonzalez having similarity like Robbie Fowler in the sense that he used to be the "god" in Real Madrid as how Robbie Fowler is to Liverpool previously. Frankly he is not as sharp as he is before and i think that his scoring instincts had been declining. However, at 30 years old Raul can still use his experience to guide the Liverpool players.

I think his style does not suit Liverpool's play as well as the English Premier League. The EPL is a much tougher and needs a lot of courage, tenacity from the players who wants to succeed especially strikers. A good example is Chelsea's Shevchenko who struggles all season and finally admit that he wants to return back to Italy. In Spanish La Liga, Raul had already been missing some matches due to his injury. As such, I'm afraid that with the tough tackles coming in from the EPL defenders Raul might be on the sidelines more often than playing for the first team.

I always fancy his style like another of my idol Spain's Emilio Butragueno nicknamed the "Vulture". However, i believe he cannot be the main striker for Liverpool. To me i think he will be more like a provider rather than the main striker if Liverpool were to sign him. I think due to his age now, he lacks speed and the striker instincts that is required in the EPL but his experience counts. But what Liverpool is lacking is a main striker and not a provider anymore.

Frankly i would prefer Liverpool to buy Samuel Eto'o rather than Raul where i believe his ruggedness and scoring instincts will benefit Liverpool FC.

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