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"Pool and Billiards Tips how to Maintain the Table"
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Maintaining your pool or billiards table is a necessity and should be done on a regular basis. You should clean and maintain your pool table dpending on how much play time your table receives. If you use your table regularly a table should be cleaned once a month. If you don't use your table you should still clean it 4-6 times a year from dust and debris. When properly maintained your table is a fun and enjoyable investment that you can get many years of use out of. You want to keep your table in good ccondition otherwise you will have complications with your game play. To get the most accurate game play out of your table keep it tidy and clean at all times. Some easy and helpfully tips to maintain your pool table are as followed.

* use a brush to keep the cloth in good ccondition and to keep the shape. Using a brush Will help keep the cloth tight and in good ondition. Always brush your table in the direction that you break your rack. Don't brush in a circular motion. Always use straight smooth strokes down the length of your table.

* use a vacuum occasionally to collect dust and chalk particles from underneath the cloth. Use a vacuum accessory that Will not pull the cloth up. A brush nozzle works well in this case.

*Using a lint brush will help for easy regular maintenance to collect dust and other particle on the lying on the felt.

*When not using you pool table keep it covered to help reduce the felt from fading and loosing its color. This will also help reduce dust from lying on your table.

*Use a lemon oil on wooden finishes regularly. Never use ammonia or a glass cleaner on your wood.

* you can spray your felt occasionally with a light mist of water to keep the cloth tight and smooth. This will also keep the color of the cloth bright and vibrant.

* If you have leather pockets on your pool table clean them once a year with a leather cleaner. You can store your balls in the leather pockets and it doesn't damage or hurt them.

*Using chalk that matches the color of your felt is Always recommended. This also helps to reduce visible streaking and discoloring on your table.

* Its is extremely important that you don't attempt to move your pool table on your own. You should have it professionally installed. Make sure after it is installed properly that your table is level.

* With proper care you shouldn't have to change your felt very often. Always take in consideration how frequently your table is being used when considering changing your felt. Always contact a professional to have your new felt installed.

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