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"Pool and Billiards Tips how to Maintain the Table"
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When considering how best to maintain pool or billiards tables, most people simply refer to the cloth, which is the part that takes the wear and tear on the table. Looking after the cloth is relatively simple. The cloth should be cleaned in a gentle manner to remove chalk dust from the table, this can be done with a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller. Care should be taken when doing this as harsh movements will pull the cloth free from the backing. It is worth remembering that tables can be re clothed at a reasonable price so if the cloth has become loose, torn, stained or rippled this is worth considering.

There are other materials in the table, the pockets will probably be lined with leather and this can be fed with a cream suitable for leather sofas, which will help keep it soft. If it becomes hard and dry it will crack when the balls hit it. The surround of the table will probably be wooden, And this should be dusted and polished regularly.

If you have a table with a coin mechanism for releasing the balls, like the ones in bars, removing dust from the table will help keep this clean, however it is worth using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment to remove dust from the mechanism.

The most important thing is preventative maintenance, that is stop things from getting damaged in the first place. Take a lesson from the pool halls and don't allow cigarettes to be smoked over the tables, or drinks to be placed on the table. Never sit or lean heavily on them and make sure the table is fully level and supported correctly at all times. Worn cue tips can cause players to slip and tear the cloth, it is much cheaper to replace the tips, and keep an eye on the condition of the rest also. If you have a cover use this when the table is not in use. It is also best never to allow children to use your table, a child's table made of tougher materials like plastics can be purchased cheaply and thrown away once they have destroyed it.

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