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Sean Taylor, Being drafted from the Miami Hurricanes in 2004 to the Washington Redskins he wanted to prove that he could start on his rookie year. Sean Taylor a 6-2, 212 pound safety showed intimidation and fear. In his rookie year for the Redskins he has gotten 4 interceptions, 85 yards, averaged 21.1 yards per carrie, and his longest run was 45 yards. Now moving onto defense he has had 76 tackles with assists, and 60 that were solo, he has gotten 16 assists tackles, and has 1 sack. This has all been in his rookie year and he has played for 4 years. Moving on to his 2nd season, he has gotten 2 interceptions, 34 yards, averaged 17 yards per a carrie and remember he's a safety, and his longest run was 32 yards, now moving on to his defensive stats. Sean Taylor has gotten 70 total tackles, 60 of those tackles were solo and that left him with 10 assists tackles which is amazing for a safety with 2 year expeirence, He has gotten 1 sack this season which is the same as last season, so he didn't not improve to much much still did pretty amazing for a new safety. Sean Taylor was not as good as his first season but coming out of college he was more energized and had more speed, so by the next season he was not trained to get better he was just comfortable at his ability now and that is why his stats have down graded. Now moving to Sean Taylors 3rd season. Hes gotten 1 interception, wow he is really moving down on the charts on interceptions but anyway, Hes gotten 25 yards and averaged 25 yards per carrie, and his longest run this season was 25 yards, now if we sit down and think about this that means he got the ball once from an interception and ran it 25 yards which is not that long. Now moving onto his defense of stats which have increased a tramendis amount. Hes gotten 111 tackles which is over 30 more than last season and 86 of those tackles were solo, and so that leaves him with 25 assist tackles. He did not get any sacks this season but the tackling stats make up for that because they have increase a tramendis amount. Now finally the 2007 football season hes gotten 5 interceptions which is 4 more than last season, 98 yards which is 53 more yards than last season, averaged 19.6 yards per carrier, that is not as much as last season but he has received the ball more this season, he had one fumble and that was the only fumble in his entire caeer, now moving onto his defense of stats he has gotten 42 total tacks which is no where near as many tackles as last season, and 32 of those tackles were solo tackles and 10 were assist tackles. he did not get any sacks last season but thats all fine he was still good the last other four seasons. Now i would be writting about the pre-season for Sean Taylor but Sean was shot at his house in Miami on Novemember 27, 2007 and died, Sean Taylor was only 24 years old and he is one of the best safeties that the NFL will ever see and we will always miss him.

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