NFL head coaches make or break a team’s season

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"NFL head coaches make or break a team's season"
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NFL head coaches make or break a team's season. The Kansas City Chiefs' record during the 2012 season was 2-14. Currently the Chiefs have a record of 9-1 and are arguably one the best teams in the NFL. Kansas City fired the 2012 head coach Romeo Crennel and hired new head coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs signed quarterback Alex Smith after he was let go from San Francisco. With Andy Reid at the helm it appears that the Kansas City Chiefs are at the very least in contention to make a Superbowl appearance. A team with a good head coach in the NFL is what ultimately makes that team a success. 

Current examples of success and the importance of a good head coach.

Playing football in the NFL come with all sorts of surprises, look at Aaron Hernandez or the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars. How a head coach is able to focus his players on the task at hand come Sunday game day is the most imperative responsibility of any NFL head coach. The New England Patriots have a long history of signing troubled players under the Bill Belichick years. Mark Harrison, Randy Moss and the aforementioned Aaron Hernandez are just a few of troubled players Bill Belichick has coached during his years as the New England Patriots head coach. Meanwhile the New England Patriots have enjoyed 3 Superbowl wins and two AFC championships under Bill Belichick's lead. A true leader on and off the field Belichick has enjoyed great success with players thrown by the wayside or unnoticed in general. Of course having an elite quarterback in Tom Brady doesn't hurt either. But great quarterbacks don't always result in wining seasons.

The Jacksonville Jaguars on the other hand have struggled to find the right person for their head coaching position since having parted ways with Jack Del Rio during the 2011 season. Since having lost the Division Championship to the New England Patriots in 2007 the Jaguars have a combined record of 28-63 including an incomplete 2013 season. Something ought to be said about the injuries that Jacksonville has suffered but the same thing could be said about the New England Patriots as well and their record hasn't struggled.

The New Orleans Saints struggled during the 2012 season while Sean Payton served a one year suspension. And now have a current record of 8-2. Even an elite quarterback like Drew Brees suffers when not under the right tutelage. And sometimes great players are only as good as their head coach. Michael Vick was all but finished after his troubles with the law, but Andy Reid gave him a second chance and was heralded as resurrecting Vicks' career.

Current examples of the importance of a good head coach is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Throughout the history of the NFL head coaches have been critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to teams winning and losing. They have been the first to receive blame when a team does poorly and hardly recognized when a team succeeds. Great head coaches are like historical works of art and must stand the test of time. The NFL head coaches that live in infamy have awards named after them, Vince Lambardi. They have video games named after them, John Madden. They are often remembered as a teams "good years", Don Shula. A famous line states that "a good defense wins championships" but out to instead account for the importance of the NFL head coach and state "A good defense and a good offense both start with a good head coach."

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