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Hid beneath a red Budweiser helmet is a young driver with piercing blue eyes, and a dazzling smile that many women find irresistable. Sure, NASCAR has not built it's solid reputation on their drivers good looks alone, but with the handsome Kasey Kahne at the wheel, the sport is earning its status in many a woman's eyes. The driver of the number nine Budweiser sponsored car (taking over for the number eight Bud car of Dale Earnhardt Jr.), also known as "the one with the eyes", is a favorite of the sport for many reasons. The first being that he is a great racecar driver, and he has the stats to prove it. In his first complete season, in 2004, Kasey was privy to 13 top five race finishes, three of which happened in the first four NASCAR races of the season. This set the tone of what was to come for the Enumclaw, Washington native, who is a mere 28 years of age.

Before clinching the esteemed 'Rookie of the year' title in 04, Kasey's first season in NASCAR was in the year 2002, in which he raced in NASCAR's 'Nationwide Series' (formerly Busch series). He raced in the USAC Midgets, in the NASCAR Craftsmen Trucks series, and the USAC Sprint Car Series before heading to the big boys club of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. Though he finished the year in 13th place, it couldn't have been more promising of a start. In his rookie year, Kahne boasted five second place finishes, causing many fans to take notice of him and concern themselves with whether he was capable of winning a race or not. Each second place was literally inches shy of a win, with Kasey hot on the heels of the winner. He ended the season winless, but not without hope that he would one day take the checkered flag and spin his tires toward victory lane.

2005 was a critical year for Kasey Kahne, who found himself with 9 DNFs (did not finish the race), and his weakest finish to date, which was 23rd (there are only 43 places). He did, however win his first race in 05, which was overshadowed by his bad luck and dwindling top five finishes as well as top ten finishes. Kasey has yet to recover enough with his finishes to come close to the stats he earned in his first year. 2006 was by far Kahne's best year, with an eighth place finish after six wins, 13 top fives, and 19 top ten wins.

The current season is not over yet, and so far, Kahne has the 9th rank, with 2 wins, 3 top fives, and ten top tens. What he doesn't have yet this season, is an unfinished race, which, in this sport can make or break a driver for the coveted top 11 contention at the end of the season.

Beyond his driving abilities, Kahne is heavily involved in charitable work, especially within the 'President's Council on Service and Civic Participation'. The PCSCP is an organization of individuals made up by the President, that represent many different genres of public service. These people who serve are volunteers, who show exemplorary efforts in civic duties toward the public. Kasey Kahne is one of these individuals, along with Sara Evans, Patricia Heaton, Tony Dungy, Hillary Duff, and others. Kahne is also an owner of Kasey Kahne Racing, which supplies cars for three pro-drivers in multiple circuits. With good looks, a sterling personality, and an over-all good guy persona, in addition to his extreme knowledge of the world of motorsports, Kasey Kahne is a name that will be floating around the tracks for many years to come.

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