Love him or hate him but John Cena really is a superstar

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"Love him or hate him but John Cena really is a superstar"
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Love him or hate him? Either way every wrestling fan has an opinion on John Cena and this is why he is a superstar. Fans are not supposed to like every single wrestler on the roster and the fact that he gets such a passionate reaction from the fans, whether it is positive or negative, is why he is good at what he does.

While he is miles away from being the most technical wrestler his ring work has improved dramatically since his debut and there are plenty of guys who have been on top of the company with limited wrestling ability. His gimmick is something different and he is not just going out there doing anything and everything to try to get the people to love him; he just does what he does and lets the people make up their own minds. Also his Wrestlemania 23 match with Shawn Michaels was fantastic and the rematch on raw in London was the match of the year that year, yes that is as much down to HBK as it is to Cena but the fact remains that Cena has been in some classic matches.

John Cena is not just a superstar because of what he does in the ring; he is a superstar for all the things he does outside it as well. He does more TV appearances than any other WWE superstar, he is the star of the best selling WWE film, The Marine, He is appearing in a reality TV series and he has recently become a spokesman for the Make a Wish Foundation.

A lot of fans don’t like Cena because they say his wrestling skills are limited at best, or they find his gimmick childish or stale. Well every wrestler has a limited move set that they use, all be it some are more limited than others and Cena’s gimmick is hardly the most childish one in WWE’s history. He has stuck to the same gimmick for years because the company think that is what works, many wrestlers use the same gimmick for years on end and may only make minor changes over their whole career.

John Cena has dominated the main event spot in the WWE for years now and has been WWE or World Champion several times, sure that is the reason why a lot of fans dislike him, they are sick of seeing him in the main event every month, but it shows the company’s faith in his ability to carry the belt month after month. He may not have the best technical wrestling skills but many great champions before him didn’t either. He is a good talker and he is able to make the fans feel something when he speaks to them and his gimmick is something different, although some people would argue it is getting a little stale now. When ever he is on my television I am entertained and is that not why we watch wrestling in the first place? Not every guy that comes along is going to have the technical wrestling ability of Chris Benoit just as not every guy can be as entertaining on the mic as The Rock. John Cena is somewhere in the middle of both and that’s good enough for me and therefore in my opinion John Cena is a true superstar.


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