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Little Master bids farewell to International Cricket

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"Little Master bids farewell to International Cricket"
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Sachin Tendulkar is set to depart from international cricket
after his 200th Test which will most probably be played at Wankhede
Stadium in Mumbai (Little Master’s home ground), November 14th.
This match, which is the second match of the test series against West Indies,
was originally to be held in Eden Gardens Kolkata; however, Sachin expressed
his wish of being able to play his last Test on his home ground and BCCI has
honoured the request.

Sachin started his cricket career in November 1989 against
Pakistan. He made his debut in both formats of game (ODI & Tests) in the tour
of Pakistan in 1989. In his first test series he played 6 innings scoring 215
runs with an average of 35.83 including two fifties. In the following ODI
series he played only one match and was unable to score any run. This was an
insignificant start to the great career of Little Master in which he accomplished
numerous records.

A career which was marked with records, the first one came
in August 1990 when he became the second youngest centurion scoring 119 not out
against England enabling India to secure a draw. In November 1992 he became the
youngest player to make 100 test runs.

The Little Master’s great cricketing career will come to an end
after the second Test against West Indies. Playing this test will be yet
another record for Sachin as he will become the first player to play 200 tests.
Sachin’s retirement has been under much discussion already. Sachin has been
playing cricket for 23 years and many fans find it hard to imagine a cricketing
world without him let alone the Indian team. For 23 years he has been at the top
for the Indian team and achieved so much for his country. Sachin has had to carry the expectations of Indians for a
considerable period of time and at times very high level of expectations.

After Sachin’s announcement to retire from international
cricket all the former cricketers have sent their tribute for the great legend
of the game. Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly remarked, “It is not
just the talent he was born with but what he did with it.” Former captain
Of Pakistan Javed Miandad reflected his role in bringing about betterment in
Indian batting, “I think Tendulkar has been the ideal role model in Indian
cricket and that is why we are now seeing a new generation of quality batsmen
from India.”

He was made captain of the Indian side in 1996 at the age of
23. However he was sacked from captaincy after just 15 months in which India
was able to win just three tests out of 17. Although he faced failure at
captaincy, his bat did not stop yielding runs. In March 1998 he made his maiden,
first-class, double hundred and two hundreds, one fifty in three tests against
Australia to help India win the home series 2-1. In 1999 he played great
innings against Pakistan with a broken back, scoring 136 with India chasing
271. He got out with India needing 17 and India lost by 12. In March 2001 he
became the first player to score a 10,000 run in One Day Cricket.

Although Sachin played cricket for 23 years his career did
not have many controversies. He faced his first controversy in 2001 when he was
accused of ball tampering by a match referee in Port Elizabeth Test. In 2003 he
faced flak for a duty waiver on Ferrari 360 Modena gifted to him by Fiat group
on overtaking Bradman’s record of 29 centuries. Consequently he agreed to pay
$245,000 duty which was covered by Fiat.

In December 2001 he was stumped for the first time in his
Test career. His discomfort against left-armed spinners was also highlighted in
this Bangalore test. In 2002 he accomplished yet another record by overtaking
Sir Don Bradman’s tally of 29 centuries. In the same year he became the
youngest man ever to play 100 tests. By this time, apart from three tests due
to injury, he had not missed a single test since his debut. In 2005 he became the fifth
man to score 10,000 test runs with his 54 against Pakistan. In 2008 he broke
Brain Lara’s record of scoring the most Test Runs. In 2009 he crossed 17,000 ODI
runs during his 175 against Australia with India chasing 351.

After Sachin announced his retirement the whole cricketing world has been sending him tributes over the great career of the legend.
Although everyone respects and supports him in his decision it can be said
without any doubt that he will be greatly missed by cricket fans. It is not
possible to imagine an Indian team. Yet every cricket fan will always remember
the great legend and his services that he rendered for his team and the
cricketing world. One thing is certain, Sachin Tendulkar will always be
remembered and his name always preserved among great legends of cricket.


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