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Kayaking Canoeing

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Kayaking is a fantastic sport, and one which I have been practicing for about three or four years now. I have always enjoyed it, and I have always had excellent instructors.

But kayaking is a sport which must be taught to a high standard from the very start. If you are not looked after, get cold and wet, the instructor is not enthusiastic, or makes you do things you'd rather not (which will generally involve getting cold and wet), then you are likely to be put off for the rest of your life. I know people who have had this experience and it is a terrible shame.

Kayaking though is exciting for all abilities. For the beginner, just managing to get the damn thing to go in a straight line is a great feeling. For the more experienced paddler, there is the thrill of white water, racing, freestyle (which is my favourite!), polo, touring and many other derivatives. For the paddler who is experienced to the point of insanity, there is creeking - which basically involves finding the biggest, most rocky and dangerous river you possibly can, and then paddling down it in a storm of adrenaline.

For the beginner though, there is no reason why you can't use a kayak to see some absolutely amazing places. Canada is nice! I would strongly recommend getting an experienced guide though, and a group to go with, because even a flat lake if you are unprepared or inexperienced could kill you.

But don't let me scare you. Kayaking is a dangerous sport, but only in the wrong hands. With care, preparation, (and luck if you're on a Grade VI river!) you can experience what's probably the best sport on earth.

Why are you still reading this?! Go on, go for it!

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