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Kayaking Canoeing

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Looking for a touring Kayak, take the Perception Eclipse for a test drive. They come in sixteen or seventeen feet length and are designed for long distance travel with room to carry the equipment you need for camping. The Eclipse 16.0 was designed for women and smaller paddlers and provides the same speed and stability as the 17.0 version.

The Perception eclipse, comes with a rudder for more predictability. The rudder helps the kayak to track straight and turn easily. Paddling is not a chore, but an enjoyable experience, as you paddle effortless on your journey, preserving your energy and allowing you to take in the sights along the way. Ease in paddling is due to its slim body and stability factor. The rudder is controlled by your foot and allows you to steer in the direction you choose quite efficiently.

Touring kayaks, require adequate storage for camping supplies and other equipment. The eclipse has great storage capacity for your touring needs. The 17ft version has some 8850 cu inches at your disposal and 2 compartments that are designed to keep water out. Other features are a liquicell padded seat for more comfort and less pressure on your back. For long trips on the water, this feature is great for relieving stress an your body.

If your interest is touring or sea kayaking, you need a boat that is stable, faster and longer than kayaks for other purposes. These type of kayaks are suited for use on lakes and other flat water. The Perception Eclipse takes all your touring requirements into consideration. While some kayakers feel that it is not as stable as it could be, other owners are satisfied with its performance. Take one for a test ride before you buy and seek advise from your dealer on suitability for your particular purpose. Be prepared to pay in the over $1600 range.

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Your touring kayak is your home away from home during your time on the water. Having a piece of equipment that performs to your satisfaction makes for an enjoyable and satisfying journey. The Perception Eclipse delivers.

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