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I love pink, so I was really thrilled to find that the Jackson Star Series came in pink. Not too often are sports equipment produced in the color pink so I do applaud the Jackson Star Series designers for thinking of us girls, those of us who have an affinity for pink, that is. Other colors are blue, green, yellow and orange, so there is a color for everyone's fancy. Not only do these kayaks look good, they are also high performing.

You can choose the Star you fancy as there are four different "stars" in this series, the Shooting Star, the All Star, Star and Superstar. The shooting Star is the shortest at 5feet and 1 3/4 inches and the Superstar, as its name implies, is the longest at 6 feet 5 inches. Prices range from $895 to $995.

If you are looking for a high performance playboat, the Jackson Star series offers the ultimate in playboating. They can tackle any size wave, holes, spins, cartwheels and stem-squirts. Whatever your pleasure, you won't be disappointed. For river running, you will find yourself riding rocks with more ease and less jolts while changing direction is a snap.

There are several features of the Jackson Star Series that makes all of this possible. Water resistance is minimized due to their shape, making vertical moves and cartwheels a breeze to execute. With the rounded deck edges, it is easier for water to run off allowing you to resurface much quicker. The hull design is a cinch to spin as it is faster and looser. There is also increased speed through tight turns and it is quite agile on waves.

Your size is an important consideration when selecting a kayak in the star series. It is recommended that if you are in the 90-140 pound range, the Star will be a good selection. For someone weighing in at the 170 pound range, try the All Star and if you are 210 or more, the Super Star is might be just your size. But you may find even if you are over the 210 range, that it could still work for you. Please take a test drive and select the one you are comfortable with.

The Jackson Star series, offers, comfort, stability and speed. It is light weight ranging from 19 pounds to 33 1/2 pounds. For playboating, river running and freestyle, or in competitions, the kayak delivers. If performance, speed and agility is what you crave in a kayak, test drive the Jackson Star series today. And did I mention that it comes in pink?

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