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Kayaking Canoeing

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What is freestyle kayaking?

Freestyle kayaking or playboating is much more artistic and gymnastic than the other varieties of kayaking which tend to simply lead the paddler and his kayak from point C to D.

It can tolerate any freestyle boater to challence sea breakers and holes in an environment of excited water activity and relaxation that he or she feels comfortable with.

It is also the ability of running a kayak with you becoming one and in harmony with the sea,river,or lake waters and breakers(smooth,slow,fast,strong,weak...).

Every year,a freestyle competition is held.Amazing adventures where you get to meet talented people coming from different parts of the World to prove their skills,to have fun,and to acquaint other people and make lasting friendships.

The 2005 World freestyle kayaking was a very successful and attractive event.It was held in Australia.The people present attested having a lot of fun watching the experts doing what they are good at such as "blunts","gists","standing up"...etc.

The deadliest question that I want to tackle now is the following:What skills should a freestyle paddler have?

1-The Blunt.

It is a nice satisfying kayak trick.It smooth,weightless,and swift.The boat carves along the face of a hole or wave and then and then snaps around wetting the paddlers in the eddy pie.It is thought to be the gateway to several other tricks.You can do it any time with small,strong,or mysterious waves.

2-The Gist.

The paddler travels along a wave or breaker with a high speed and moving towards the edges of the breakers or waves and makes a brutal 180 degrees with the stern.
I know it is scary for beginners but fun for advanced boaters.It is fun once you get used to.The gist combines beads of 180 degrees one after the other usually in dancing bodies of waters like rapids.

3-Setting up.

Watch for a water shoulder at the edge of a wave for it will make the boat slide into motion.


This is simple the act of letting yourself and your kayak go inside a nice semi-tall breaker.It is great and fantastic.

5-Other tricks are going Backward,sidewise,and upward across and along great breakers.You can also do it very successful inside rapids.

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