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Kayak Ship a Kayak how to Ship a Kayak

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When you plan to take a vacation in a destination that offers a world of opportunities for kayaking, it is only natural to want to take your kayak along with you. This presents problems in that you want to make sure the kayak arrives in pristine condition and that the shipping doesn’t cost you more than you can afford. These are the two main worries that could spoil your vacation plans. This article will focus on these main points by concentrating on:

-          how to properly pack the kayak for shipping

-          what you need in order to get a quote to have the kayak shipped, and

-          how to shop around for the best price.

Packing your kayak for shipping

In order to protect the kayak from damage enroute to its destination, wrap it in several layers of bubble wrap. You can then wrap packing tape around it to keep the bubble wrap in place, but the best method would be to use shrink wrap. This will completely enclose the bubble wrap and make sure that every inch of the kayak is wrapped for protection and won’t get scratched in transit.

Preparing to get a shipping quote

The measurements of the kayak are important in determining the cost of shipping it. Shippers will need to know the dimensions of the length, width and depth. They use a formula based on the numbers you provide to be able to tell you the charge, which is length X width X depth divided by 194. This gives them the dimensional weight of the kayak. You don’t have to actually weigh the craft to get the weight for this purpose.

Shopping around for a quote

Once you have the dimensional weight of the kayak you want to ship, start calling shipping companies to inquire about their fees per pound. Once you explain that you want to ship a kayak, they will probably explain how to determine the weight, but if you already have this figured out the process will be much quicker. Most companies will be able to give you a quote over the phone and others may say they have to get back to you.

In addition to the cost of the weight of the kayak, the distance involved in the shipping also comes into play. You will not have to pay as much to ship a kayak to a neighboring state/province as you would to ship it across the country or from one country to another.

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