How to trap an opossum

How to trap opossum
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"How to trap an opossum"
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It doesn’t take much to trap a opossum. These feisty little critters love to tear into your garbage bags on garbage night, so why not trap them and send them on their merry way of your choosing. There are many methods of trapping a opossum. Here are some choices:

The Bait

Anything will work for opossum bait. Cat food, chicken legs or any type of meat product will draw in a hungry opossum.

The Humane Way

There are traps lovingly called “Have-A-Heart” traps.  These traps look like wire animal cages. You simply place your bait of choice into the trap, set the trap door and wait on the little critter. Once the opossum smells the bait, he enters the trap, stands on the trap door release and shazaam, you caught your critter. These traps don’t harm the opossum and you can safely transport the opossum to his new environment.

The Less Humane Way

Most people use less humane ways to capture opossums. Spring loaded leg traps work rather well in trapping opossums. These traps look like the old fashioned bear traps without the menacing teeth. Leg traps take a little practice by first time users. If you are not careful, you might get your digits smashed while setting a leg trap. Place the trap on the ground and stand on the trap, placing tension on the bars that close when the trap is set off. This ensures that your fingers won’t get smashed while setting the trap. Once the trap is set, there is a chain attached to the trap that should be secured to the ground by a stake or nailed to the base of a tree. This chain will keep the opossum from getting away from you when it has it’s leg caught in the trap. Once the trap is set, place bait on and around the trap.  The opossum will wander around the trap, eating the bait and will wander right into your trap.

After you find your opossum is in your leg trap, you have a few options. You can shoot the opossum or you can hit the opossum with an object in the head until dead. It sounds barbaric, but these are your options. Shooting the opossum is definitely more humane, but some people live in close proximity with their neighbors. Discharging a firearm in neighborhoods is highly discouraged.

Garbage bags are invitations for opossums so keep your trash in trash cans. Whatever method of trapping you choose, you will definitely catch a opossum.  Happy trapping!


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