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How to Run a Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball League

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"How to Run a Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball League"
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The average person sees the word rotisserie and has no idea what it means. They also have a hard time pronouncing it. The only people who know what it is are true fantasy sports players. They know what rotisserie means, but they may not know how to properly run a fantasy baseball team with the system. It take a lot of understanding of the system and some baseball knowledge. Not just anyone can run a successful rotisserie fantasy team, unless a lot of luck is involved.

The key part of having a successful team is understanding what is needed. The major thing is balance. Not physically, but on their team. Most fantasy owners know that to win in a rotisserie league the major baseball stats need to be produced by their team. That is RBIs, hits, home runs, batting average, ERA, strikeouts, and a few more. That said, each stat needs to be looked at individually and two or more players need to be picked that are very productive at that specific facet of the game.

RBIs and Home runs- These stats are most often produced by the hitter who are in the heart of the lineup. That is third through fifth. These players are historically most productive at getting the highest amount of RBIs and home runs. For home runs specifically it is not a bad choice to pick a player who hit a lot the previous year. It is not easy to hit home runs and that season is usually not a fluke. The same can be said for RBIs because a player will most likely have a higher or equal amount to the year before.

Hits and Batting Average- These two stats directly correlate in the fact that the more hits someone has, the higher their average will be. The most obvious choice for this particular area would be someone at the top of the lineup. That is first through third. These players are put at the top for a reason, they can hit.

ERA-  In order to win a rotisserie league, good pitching is needed. It is nearly impossible to win with just solid hitting. Earned run average is crucial in winning a league. A good player choice would be someone who is an established one or two guy in a team's rotation. A number five started will most often not have a low ERA. However, it can be tricky because a pitcher can fall into a funk and move down into the rotation. That is why pitchers sometimes have to be released and new ones have to be picked up. That can also be true for other positions, because a player you thought was great can be having a bad year while someone else is having a breakout year.

Strikeouts- Players for this can differ from hard throwers to mid range guys who can locate that change up. This can also range from a starter to a reliever. A relief pitcher can throw in more game but less innings. This stat must also be followed throughout the year because changes might be necessary.

With all of that in mind, a devoted owner is also needed. Someone can not just set their lineup and check it every few weeks. Daily checks are needed to run a successful rotisserie team, along with a tiny bit of luck.

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