How to motivate yourself to follow a training program

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"How to motivate yourself to follow a training program"
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One thing that runners need to do to run effectively is too motivate themselves. While there are numerous ways to do so, here are five common ways: Find a race at a distance you have never run before; buy new running shoes; run with a friend; plan to do something fun right after and lastly you can choose some scenery to enjoy along the run.

Here are more detailed versions on the case why you should do each: 

Run on a course with a scenic view

Why do people like to hike? One of the more common reasons is because of the fact that you get a lot of nice scenery, usually the higher you go the better the mountains. If you like to hike and you get some pretty views along the way then you may be that much more motivated too run. In a matter of fact it may make it even better if you do it with a person which leads to the next suggestion.

Choose a friend or a group of people to run with

If you choose this route you should be careful whom you choose. Your running partner or partners should be able to run a pace similar to you plus it is always a good idea to choose a route and pace before the actual run takes place. 

The next thing to determine a running partner is how responsible and committed they are. If they are not responsible or committed to running they may not show up or take time into considerations with how long it will take to run a certain route and may not always show up on time. If you want to meet runners there are certain places you can go. If you live near a town or a large city, chances are there is some type of a running club nearby. If you join these clubs often run for various periods of time. 

If you don’t want to join a club and you don’t have any friends who like to run then there are numerous places that you can go to meet people who like too run. Another place you may be able to go to meet a runner is your local gym because runners often have other physical activities they enjoy, sometimes because they have weak joints or in some cases so they can become stronger runners.

Plan something fun right after running

With the actual activity, it’s whatever floats your boat. If you find having a certain piece of food or a milkshake rewarding then go for it. If it’s having dinner with your significant other you can do that too. Just make sure if you make the reward food or drink that you don’t go overboard on food just because you ran that day, which is something that be counterproductive, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Buy new running shoes

Most people like this one because now that you have spent the money on shoes, now you need to get some value out of your investment. If you are a beginning runner or if you run long distances it is a good idea to get fitted for a running shoe.

Your best bet would be to go to a specialty running store and talk to an associate and let them watch you run to find out your running “style.” Of all the things you need to run, your shoes are the most important investment you can make. Buying the wrong pair of shoes can either lead to injury or your end to running.

Find a race at a distance you have never run before

You may want to be careful on this one. If you have never run long distance in your life trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon probably isn’t a good idea, even if you are in good shape.

The reason why this can be motivating is simple. You will get to run more miles then you ever have in your life and you can set personal achievements. When you run long distances, if you pace and train properly more than likely you will PR (meaning set a personal record) a time or two at certain distances because your body will eventually become more accustomed to going longer distances.

After you have run your first race nothing can be more motivating and could get your blood pumping. See you on race day. Who knows which one. Marathon anyone?


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