How to Inflate a Camping Air Mattress

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"How to Inflate a Camping Air Mattress"
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If this is your first time camping you are probably not aware of how to inflate a camping air mattress but not to worry it is very simple if you have the right equipment. If you do not then you are in for a treat by having to inflate it yourself. Either way inflating a camp air mattress is doable.

If you have purchased your first air mattress then you should have a pump that goes with it. Once you have set up your tent and campsite your next step will be preparing your bed for sleeping. Lay a protective cover on the ground before you place your mattress there.

Assuming you have cleared your tent site of any debris such as rocks and twigs you can now start to set up your air mattress. Roll out your air mattress in the area you have chosen in your tent. On one of the corners of the air mattress you will find a hole with a plug in it. Remove this plug and connect the lead of your pump to it.

Some people used automatic pumps which will fill the air mattress in minutes but assuming you are using the pump that came with the mattress start by stepping on this pump and forcing air into the mattress. Keep pumping until you have the air mattress to the firmness you require. Remove the lead of the pump and quickly insert the plug back into the mattress. There is usually a tab that will fold over this plug to ensure it is kept in place.

Another way of inflating an air mattress is to bring a tire pump along with you. This will work very well but make sure the air line is the right fit for the hole in the mattress.  Once you have connected the pump keep pumping until your air mattress is inflated to suit your needs.

If you have forgotten to bring a tire pump or a pump did not come with your air mattress there is another way to inflate your air mattress. Be prepared to put a little time and effort into this method. Place your mouth over the hole in your air mattress and start blowing. This will take you a while depending on how large your air mattress is. You will probably have to do this in spurts. If you tire and need a rest make sure you place the plug back into the mattress each time you take a break. It will work although it may not seem like it at first.

If you are reduced by inflating your air mattress this way it may be a first and a last time. The next time you will make sure you have a pump with you. You would be surprised at how many people forget an air pump when they go camping and wonder how to inflate an air mattress without any equipment.

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