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How to Develop Hand to Eye Coordination for the Young Athlete

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"How to Develop Hand to Eye Coordination for the Young Athlete"
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When participating in any sport, proper hand to eye coordination is key for achieving success. Sports like, baseball, football, golf, basketball and racing feature objects that raise and lower eye levels and move at lightning-quick pace. There are different ways at developing, and later honing those skills. Try some of these techniques in developing proper hand to eye coordination.

Hand-eye coordination is being able to see and track movement properly. Movements are vertical, circular and peripheral. For a beginner, dribbling a basketball does well at developing up and down and side to side movements. Take a basketall, a leather Spaudling works best, and walk it down a street. When you get some distance, try dribbling without looking at the basketball. Work your "handle" like a puppeteer does a marionette. Perfecting your fundamental dribble may take years. You can also work fancier, trick dribbles like crossovers, hesitations and behind the backs simultaneously. However, learn to play the right way before taking unnecessary risks.

Another exercise is playing tether-ball. Place a pole into the ground. Attach a line that is already affixed to a small or large ball. Take a stick or a bat of some sort and pound at the tethered ball. The ball's movement is 360 degrees. You can track your eye levels for quickness and accuracy.

Other exercises you can use are. Handball is a great activity that hones hand to eye skills. Handball can be anywhere. Go to YMCA or any gym and hit against a wall. Use a $.50 rubber ball and bang against the side of a building or your house. Hacky-sack is another activity that trains hand-to-eye-to feet coordination. Soccer players practice their kicks and leaps by playing hacky-sack. Take a small beanbag and bounce it on your foot as many times as possible. The key is keeping the beanbag up from hitting the ground. You can also bounce a ping-pong ball against a paddle. Be Tiger Woods and bounce a golf ball repeatedly off your 9-iron. Hand to eye coordination is all about doing things in repetition. Proper muscle control and eye movement are vital when participating in these activities.

I hope these techniques will assist in your efforts.

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