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Horse Race Wagering:

From the first time I attended the horse race's I have learned one thing. The average person seldom leaves the race track a winner. Even educated on what horse won what race and when, it's not a sure bet he'll do it again. The professionals don't pick the winners very often. Watch their picks and see. They usually pick the favorites. That way they do get some right. So with lots of cash, one might win a race betting on a favorite. What kind of return does he get on his money? In the long run, how much does he loose? Horse racing is a sport that one should not expect to get rich on.

After a couple of years going to the track, I came up with a system that worked to an extent for me. Still I never made a lot of money. I did pick up nine hundred on a six dollar bet, by picking two long shots. I had the first and the second horse finish In the proper sequence. Picking one long shot is pure luck, but two is unthinkable for me. I'll speak for myself in this article, because I have met an uncanny amount of high stake winners out there. (A Huh!)

My system is not full proof so I guess I wont patent it. I pick up a racing form, open it to, say Santa Anita. Race one. I lay out the work sheet that I have made up with the following information spaces for each post position. Jockey's wins at this field Work out speeds, 4 furlongs to 1 mile. I look at his best time speed as he raced before, 4 furlongs through his finish. I check who the trainer was and how many winners he has had at this field. The buyer rating is important as to weather it is going up or falling off. All of these specifications I write down for each mount. Then I go down my list placing a mark by the best in each marked space. Now I count the marks for each horse. The one with the most marks is the one I pick to win. Second most marks to place. I never play show. (third place) Even if you win on this bet you are lucky to make a dollar. With my system mostly the favorites will come out on top, but not always. Favorites I don't bet on alone. I put one or two favorites with a long shot. I wager a one or two dollar box exacta. Cost me six or twelve dollars. If a long shot comes in with a favorite I make money. If my two long shots come in I make more money, If I don't bet on every race, fifty percent of the time I will go home a bit ahead.

If you are new at the track or only attend occasionally this system may help. I use to go and pick horse's or Jockeys that I liked. I seldom won a thing. Put them all together and choose, one will usually stand out. Compare your rating with the consensus in the form. You'll do as well in most cases. Sometimes better.

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