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How to Bet at the Horse Track

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"How to Bet at the Horse Track"
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How do you bet at the races? Well it's simple. There are four steps to betting when at a race Track. These are as follows.

STEP 1 - What do you need?
To stand the best chance of winning at the races, you will need something to tell you the form of the horses running. All race tracks sell Race cards or programmes. These will tell you what horses are running, in which races, what jockey will be riding them and what they have done in previous races (the form). You can also use the newspapers that cover racing such as the racing post. Form and Race cards can also be printed from the internet. Sites such as have great cobverage of US as well as UK and EIRE racing action.
STEP 2 - Who to bet with?
At a racecourse, there will be several bookmakers as well as the Tote you can bet with. If it your first time betting at a racecourse then i would advise you place any bets with the Tote at their stands. It is simple to write out and they can always help you and sometimes you win more! If you want to bet with an on-course bookie (the ones with the boards with the odds on), you have to select the horse you want to bet. If betting with one of these bookies, check your tickets and look around for better odds.
STEP 3 - How to Place a bet
If you are betting with the tote, they will have slips you can write on. On these slips, you write the meeting E.G. Ascot and the time of the race. Below this you write the horse's name you want to bet. Then put how much you wish to put on E.G $3 win. Then you can hand this in to the cashier and she will give you a copy of your ticket. This is a simlar process to a mormal bookmakers. When betting with an On-course bookmaker, you must have selected the ohrse you want to bet before you go to his stand. Make sure you have the name and NUMBER of the horse. When at the stand, say how much you wish to bet and on which horse E.G. "$5 win on Numer 5 please". Then hand your stake money to the bookie and he will give you a ticket. You have placed your Bet.
STEP 4 - Whatch the race and collect!
Watch the race on the screens and on the track and if your horse wins you have to collect your winnings. Take your ticket to the bookie or tote cashier and they will give you your winnings. If you loose, throw your ticket away and try again!

They are the four steps to betting at a racesourse. Hope this article has helped you and good luck when you go to the races.

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