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How Injuries Impact a Fantasy Sports Team

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"How Injuries Impact a Fantasy Sports Team"
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It all looked so good on paper as you assembled your highly talented group of players for your fantasy team that was set to sweep the boards. How were you to know that just a few weeks into your season, some of your star players were going to succumb to injury? Just when you thought you would save those limited transfers to time when you might want them in the latter half of the season, you now discover that you are going to have to sacrifice a few before you have had the chance to draw breath. Welcome to the world of fantasy sports.

Just as injuries have a dramatic impact on a real sports team, so it is true of fantasy teams. There is nothing more frustrating than having a successful team ravaged by injury. It affects the whole setup and means you will most likely have to move players out and bring others in if the injuries prove to be long term.

When you first assemble your fantasy sports team for the beginning of the new season, the players you choose are usually in tip top condition following the  off season and you have a team that appears on paper, to be unbeatable. One of the variables over which you have no control is when injuries affect key players in your fantasy team and force you to rethink your team strategy. After giving thought to the best team you can muster and spent all your money wisely, there is nothing more frustrating than an injury, especially to one of your key players.

The impact of even one injury can have a ripple effect on the entire team, causing you to make adjustments that will not adversely effect team performance. One of the main considerations when injury strikes is to try to replace the injured player with someone of equal ability. Will your player miss only one game or is it a long term injury? The answer to this question will help you to use your transfer facility wisely. If it is a one match situation, you may decide to leave well alone and simply accept that your player will not score any points for this game. On the upside, he will not lose any points either. If however your player will miss a number of games, you will want to replace him with someone you will be happy to keep in your team long term.

Depending on the value of the player you lose to injury, you may be able to make a straight swap through a transfer. On the other hand, one injury to a key player may involve having to replace two or three players in order to balance the team and to avoid exceeding the amount you are permitted to spend. A bit of research will always pay dividends to ensure you do not mistakenly replace your injured player with another one who is also injured. There are websites available where you can keep up to date with current injuries and also find out the extent of those injuries. Knowledge is power when it comes to building a successful fantasy sports team.

The key to success with fantasy sports teams is to make transfers wisely. Try to avoid making transfers just because a player has one or two bad games. Wasting transfers can mean that when injury strikes one or more of your players, you have no transfers left to use. Injury is inevitable throughout the season. Be prepared for it to happen to you and accept it as a part of the fantasy game as it is in reality. If you use your transfers wisely, injury will not ravage your team and leave you struggling as the season progresses.

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