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Horseback Riding in Colorado

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There are no bad places to go horseback riding in Colorado. The entire state is a haven for the horse enthusiast. From the Great Plains in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west, there are trails and terrain for any and all riders. The Wet Mountains have some of the best riding scenery in the state. You can travel from foothills to towering peaks in a mere twinkling of an eye (or so it seems). There are trail difficulties for all levels of horse and rider. For the faint of heart, a nice, leisurely stroll along the base of the mountain can be had, while the more adventurous horseperson can chance the steep hills and drop offs of the higher peaks.

Near the Collegiate Peaks,the terrain can include crossing creeks and small valleys. In the Sangre de Cristo mountains, lakeside rides and campouts can be had. In the northern part of the state, near Idaho Springs, a mine tour is available, as is a poker tour to the gambling towns of Central City and Black Hawk.

One of the largest draws for the past few years has been cattle drives. At the Rusty Spur Ranch, you have a magnificent view of four different mountain ranges as you move cattle from one meadow to another, crossing the Continental Divide twice. They are also thoughtful enough to provide lunch.

If you are looking for a guided horseback tour, you are in luck. There are quite a few places for guided horse back tours of the local scenery. Near the Royal Gorge in the southern part of the state are several riding stables. One stable in particular, the Fort Royal Stables, has some of the best views of the famous Royal Gorge bridge available to the human eye, at least in my humble opinion. Located across Highway 50 and about 3 miles away from the Royal Gorge, the views from the top of the mountains on this property are stunning.

The Fort Royal Stables is located on 3,500 acres of privately owned land. The terrain consists of rolling meadows, hills, and mountains. The trails that are used are actually cattle paths are are created in the winter months, when cattle are run on the land, so no land is deliberately cleared or destroyed for pleasure.

The horses at the Fort Royal Stables are some of the best horses in the country, at least as far as I have seen. There are horses for all ages and levels of skill,from novice to expert, child to adult. There are quite a variety of horses at the stables, from Bear the Mustang to JJ the Arabian to Max the QuarterHorse to Duchess the Shire. I grew up around horses and I have never seen better cared for or better behaved horses. I would not hesitate to put my city born and raised husband on any of these horses.

In short, my favorite place to ride in Colorado is the Fort Royal Stables in Canon City. However, to be completely honest, there are NO bad places to ride in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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