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Being part of the coveted Winners Circle has always required a huge commitment in time, and even more in money until now - enter horse racing partnerships! With only a fraction of the financial investment required for owning a racehorse, thoroughbred partnerships make it possible for you to enjoy all the excitement and thrills that horse racing provides.

Training, caring for and owning a race horse is a highly competitive field that requires a thorough knowledge of racing and a strong background in the industry. As part of a thoroughbred racehorse partnership, the principle is simple: you are a single member of a group of individuals who share in the cost of a horse. Feeding, veterinary care, training and management are included in the racing partnership fees, leaving you with nothing to do but cheer them on!

Horse racing partnerships appeal to anyone who has a love of horse racing. Owning a racehorse comes with some great perks: reserved seating, access to the back stretch, upgraded parking, and a spot in the Winner's Circle! If you don't have the time in your daily schedule to manage horse, trainer, and staff, racing partnerships allow you the freedom to leave the details to the owners. All you have to do is show up to enjoy the race! And because you share in a small percentage of the cost of training a racehorse, you can invest in one thoroughbred horse racing partnership, or diversify and invest in more than one.

Thoroughbred partnerships can and do produce winners, and as a limited license member you will share in the purse if your horse(s) should do well. There are no guarantees for winning in horse racing, but if you truly love the sport, the race, the track and the horses, that's really what it's all about.

Like any other investment, thoroughbred racing partnerships require you to do your homework. Reputable, knowledgeable trainers and experienced management are key. Ask enough questions so that you understand thoroughly how the managing partner profits. Other questions you might want to ask:

- How are the horses evaluated and chosen?
- What is the record of their thoroughbred partnerships?
- Exactly what fees and expenses are involved?
- Will you be given free access to speak to the owners and trainers?
- What are your liabilities in a horse racing partnership?

The most successful thoroughbred racehorse partnerships include skilled and experienced trainers and management. Consider companies and owners who subscribe to the belief that investors deserve up-to-date information and education, such as Parting Glass Racing in Saratoga Springs NY. Monthly meetings, an investor newsletter, informative website, and easy access for communicating with the managing owner are all part of the investment package.

The cost of owning a racehorse is substantial. A race horse partnership is a great alternative, with all the benefits of ownership and less of the financial obligation. If you want to join the world of racing, this is a great way to get involved and be part of the sights, sounds, thrills and excitement as your horse speeds toward the finish line.

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