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It makes no difference what part of the nation two rival teams come from. Usually, they are conference foes. In some cases (such as Notre Dame vs. USC) they are national rivals with fans tuning in all over the country to see the outcome. This is not to say that these two teams and their annual game represent the best of rivals; they actually do not.

Which heated rivalry is the best of them all? That's a tough one. There are a lot of factors to consider. This list, although subjective, is a best effort at examining the best, most contested rivalries that college football has to offer.

#10 ARMY vs NAVY
For the last 102 years, these two service academies have played each other in a game that once held great significance to national rankings. The hay-day of both schools has long past, with most blue chip athletes going to top conference teams today. However, the rivalry is still a celebrated one, with years of history. It's always the last game of the year, usually in December.

They have been playing this one since 1890. The winner takes home "Paul Bunyan's Axe", to which the results through the years have been marked on its handle. A lot of sausage and cheese are consumed during this one and from time to time, an upset by Minnesota can upset the national rankings.

The game has been played since 1897. These two schools started to recognize the importance of the rivalry in 1935 and began to schedule the game for the last of the season. Usually, it determines the winner of the Big Ten, and who will participate in the Rose Bowl.

#7 USC vs UCLA
There's nothing like cross-town rivals, huh? The annual "Showdown in Tensile town" has been played for seventy six years. Storied and filled with history, many of the college football's all time greats played in this one. Big rivalry, yet, seated in the laid back atmosphere of So-Cal, it lacks a little of the all-out hatred of rivalries yet to be listed.

Now we get to the blood baths. These two teams hate each other. If you live in Texas, you either love or hate one or the other of these two schools and their powerful football teams. Usually both teams are ranked by the time they meet up in November. Upsets happen often and are dreamed of by both.

Getting deeper into the more nasty of rivalries, we come to the deep, deep south, where they can't sell enough orange/blue or crimson colored paint to splash on the opposing team's campus, statues or field. Known as the Iron Bowl, this one has been contested since 1893.

Played more for pride, possible national rankings and bowl standings, this rivalry has been going on since 1926 and is a dandy of the network TV schedulers. For years, everyone knew who Notre Dame was, and once these two started competing annually, USC became known as the powerhouse they are today. The game, it is said, helps recruiting at both schools.

The Red River Shootout. The name, pretty much says it all. Again, two teams competing in the same region of the country for recruiting. Both have players from each state and both usually come in with the need to take out the other for national status. Played since 1900, the series claims to have started the old joke: Why hasn't Texas fallen into the Gulf of Mexico yet? Because Oklahoma sucks!

Known as the Governor's Cup, it is actually one of the most hate-filled rivalries of all times. A fight, fanaticism and football, the game is played for pride and bragging rights through out the state. These schools always try to schedule their visiting recruits for this weekend, usually around Thanksgiving. An ongoing battle since 1893.

Since 1912, the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" has been the spot where war has raged, back and forth between two bordering states. Although, many UGA alums will boast that they hate Tech more, they hold a prodigious amount of it over for Florida when it comes time to play this one. For most of the rivalry, they have not been able to house the game at either school. Jacksonville was chosen as the best "neutral" site, and more than one Florida Motor Court has suffered the resulting damage over the last century because of this one. More than once, the game has helped decide the outcome of the SEC championship.

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