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Formula one Car Racing will Survive – Yes

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"Formula one Car Racing will Survive - Yes"
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Of course formula one car racing will survive.

Simply because when you take the whole season of formula one car racing worldwide and add all the carbon burn it is less than one 747 plane taking off. So you cannot come and say that formula one is responsible for global heating.

It is easy to accuse any one and every one, but first you need to study the reality and see what it really causes, and since we know that it gives so little carbon, it will continue to exist and even grow.

What is more important is that formula one, cars will be adapted to world regulations and needs and if they will need to change their engines they will do it of course. This sport will exist as long as life will exist in our universe.

The main culprits for the global warming are coal and that is not used in formula one, cars, tar and other petroleum exotic products.

We have to find the real culprits and find solutions that really exist and they will stop the global warming. Formula one will make studies more deeply and will prove that the carbon emitted by their cars worldwide during the yearly season is less than a 747 plane.

That is when people will understand that they have nothing to fear and that formula one is not really responsible for the global warming. At that moment they will go to the main responsible and formula one will be able to continue to prosper of course.

When you take the cars worldwide you can still today see that they emit much more carbon, even though manufacturers are working now finally on making cars with different systems and I am sure that within five years from now several new models will exist and within ten years our whole concept of cars will change completely.

Formula one, cars within this period will go through all the changes as well, and we will build cars that will be more and more world friendly.

The important factor that can make changes in Formula One will be only the financial crisis looming over us worldwide. The sale of cars worldwide has gone down at least twenty five per cent and even more in certain companies. That could and will be the only reason why some companies will take out their cars from Formula One.

So it will not be the global warming that could cause some challenges to Formula One, but the financial crisis that is covering our globe. So we have to hope that the world economy will improve in such a way that the big companies will continue to enter their cars.

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